I am a coder for life. It is more than writing great software, creating excellent applications, or programming computers. It instills a way of thinking through a complex problem logically step by step and knowing the details.

My coding journey of a thousand miles began with a simple first step: a Fortran computer programming class I took during my junior year in college. While an undergrad, I first learned about the Intel 8080 and Motorola 6800 microprocessors and wrote software using assembly language.

Coding has been a major part of my career and consulting business ever since. The rate of increase of complexity in software programming has been nothing short of exponential. The extent of computer technology, software development environments, internet, virtual machines, mobile devices, the cloud, and recently machine-learning has been unbelievable.

Today’s top coders know dozens of languages fluently, several development platforms, and a seemingly infinite number of programming tools. Software makes smart phones smart. Software controls our financial systems, our communications, the entire internet, our cars, airplanes, manufacturing, energy systems, and medical equipment used in ICUs in hospitals. We trust it.

Be sure to check out the cool work environment starting at 3:15 in the video that was created in 2013.

Gotta luv it.