Champlin Technologies LLC is proud to announce the release of the Cloaked Data app for iPhone®, iPad®, Apple Watch®, and Mac®.


Cloaked Data is a secure modern password manager that protects and manages all your password data securely using modern strong encryption algorithms (AES-256). Cloaked Data keeps all your password data and information on your device, not a server. With Cloaked Data, you only need to remember the main app login password instead of trying to remember lots of passwords and user information. There is a user guide within the app.

Base Tier (free)

Using Cloaked Date app at the Base tier is for those users who want to enter their password data and information on a single device. Data is organized as items within two folder levels: groups and categories. Items contain the detailed information such as user names, passwords, account numbers in its records and notes. Any number of records can be added to an item. Any number of items can be added to each category. Records and notes can be masked, either app-wide or individually, to provide security in public areas.

Pro-Upgrade Tier (in-app purchase)

At the Pro-Upgrade tier, Cloaked Data can synchronize all your password data securely across you Apple devices via iCloud. Cloaked Data can save encrypted backup files of the database on your device or iCloud Drive and restore the database from those files on any of your devices. Cloaked Data can import CSV format data files from other password managers: 1Password™, BitWarden™, LastPass™, Keeper, or DataVault. Cloaked Data can export the database contents to an unencrypted CSV file.